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What is Process Reengineering?

Work process reengineering as developed by corporate America refers to the major redesign and restructuring of core business processes. It is most effective when a particular process is identified that is impeding the growth or competitiveness of an organization, or when a particular process is only minimally meeting a business need. Reengineering is defined by the "bounded" process that is the target of the reengineering initiative. The reengineering process should:

Many corporations have found that over time core processes within their organization become inefficient, bureaucratic, cumbersome and lose their intended focus. Routine practices often add tasks and steps that do not add value to the core business goal. These inefficiencies slow down the organization, detracting from the intended goals.

The process reengineering model used by EPA's Office of Reinvention was designed to bring about meaningful, lasting change to the XL Process. It employs a structured change process to meet the identified business needs in an effective and efficient manner. This effort will result in a more user friendly, reengineered process that is quicker, more cost effective, produces a consistently superior result, and provides more focused stakeholder involvement and information exchange.

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