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Table 3: Comparison of Management Systems and Regulatory Models

LCEE (1) Environmental Management Plan Requirements OSHA's (2) Chemical Hygiene Plan Requirements Current RCRA (3) Large Quantity Generator Requirements ISO 14001 (4) System Requirements

Management Yes

Compliance Commitment Yes

Continual Improvement Yes

Waste minimization Yes
Partial Yes - manifest certification Yes
Regulatory Compliance

Requirements Identification Yes
Implied Yes
Requirements Tracking Yes
Implied Yes
Commitment to Compliance Yes Yes (e.g., exposure limits) Externally enforced Yes
Management Report Yes
No - Biennial Report is not a management report Yes
Management System Planning

Set objectives and targets Yes

Defined Management Plan Yes Yes
Management System Implementation

Defined roles and responsibilities Yes Yes
EMS Procedural Documentation Yes Yes
Risk Reduction

Chemical Hazards Evaluation Yes Yes Yes - waste determination Yes - environmental impacts
Waste Minimization Yes - plan
Yes - certification statement Yes
Hazardous Chemical Management Procedures Yes Yes Limited to accumulation restrictions and quantity thresholds
Requisite signs and labels on hazardous chemicals Yes Yes Yes - RCRA waste only
Chemical inventory Yes Yes Yes - limited to hazardous waste storage log
Proper functioning of fume hoods and control equipment Yes Yes
Yes - operational control requirement
PPE and equipment Yes Yes No - limited to emergency response not control Yes - operational control requirement
Defined criteria for determining and implementing control measures Yes Yes Emergency situations Yes - operational control requirement
Pre-transport requirements Yes
Yes Yes - legal and other requirements
Provisions for medical consultation and examination

Provisions for additional employee protection for work with particularly hazardous substances Yes Yes
Yes - operational control requirements
Emergency Preparedness and Response Yes Yes Yes Yes

Training Plan Yes

Coverage of non-employees Yes

Information Yes Yes Yes Yes
Training Yes Yes Yes Yes

Internal - EMS Yes Yes
External - EMS

Incident Reports Yes

Emergency Yes Yes Yes Yes
Checking and Corrective Action

Monitoring and Measurement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nonconformance and corrective and preventive action Yes
May exist in state regulations Yes
Records Yes Yes Yes Yes
EMS Assessment Yes

Area inspections Yes Yes Yes
Management Responsibility and Review Yes



1 Laboratory Consortium for Environmental Excellence
2 Occupational Safety and Health Administration's "Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories" 1910.1450. The Chemical Hygiene Plan is a requirement of the standard.
3 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
4 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001: Environmental Management Systems - Specification with guidance for use

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