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Akzo Nobel Chemicals


Akzo Nobel Chemicals, a manufacturer of initiators for the plastics industry, seeks to implement process changes that have a positive impact on the environment (e.g., substitutions of an unregulated compound for dimethyl phthalate) in return for EPA allowing organic chemicals, plastics, and synthetic fibers (OCPSF) effluent limits to be enforced at the Town of Newfane's Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) outfall rather than the Akzo Nobel discharge to the POTW. Specifically, Akzo Nobel seeks relief from recent amendments to the OCPSF pretreatment regulations. The amendments limit the introduction of pollutants into POTWs by existing and new sources in the OCPSF point source category.

Region 2 and the Office of Water are finalizing an Administrative Consent Order that will grant Akzo Nobel the relief it desires by permitting the substitution of a regulated compound for a non-regulated one under the Categorical Pretreatment Standards. Because of this arrangement Akzo is no longer seeking to become an XL project.

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