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Lead-Safe Cambridge (LSC)

Lead-Safe Cambridge (LSC), a program of the Community Development Department of the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has taken an active role in addressing the problem of potential and actual lead poisoning of children by lead-based paint and other sources of lead. LSC sought EPA assistance, through Project XL, to facilitate protective and cost-effective disposal of residential soil contaminated with lead-based paint. On January 20, 1999, LSC submitted an XL proposal to the EPA requesting assistance to maximize the number of residential yards cleaned up. The LSC proposal describes the difficulties and expense associated with disposing of residential lead-contaminated soil in hazardous waste landfills. LSC sought EPA assistance in locating an appropriate municipal solid waste landfill to accept the waste, in clarifying the appropriate rules and policies and in facilitating disposal of the soil.

Because flexibility from EPA regulations or policies was not specifically needed to resolve LSC's problems, the proposal was not considered to be a potential XL Project. However, EPA recognized the potential for environmental benefit of the proposal and facilitated a solution through Project XL.

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