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IBM, Biological Treatment Alternative

On December 9, 1996, EPA granted the IBM Essex Junction Semiconductor manufacturing facility's request to treat some of its waste isopropyl alcohol in an on-site biological treatment system rather than through off-site incineration. EPA made this decision pursuant to 40 CFR 268.42(b) and consistent with EPA guidance. IBM submitted its XL Project proposal to treat high Toxic Organic Content (TOC) wastewaters consisting of 50 to 100 percent isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water in a Sequencing Batch Reactor Biological Treatment System (SBR). IBM cited the following net environmental benefits: improved operating efficiency of the IBM biological treatment system, which in turn would reduce the oxygen demand discharged to the Winooski River; avoidance of the hazards associated with off-site transfer and combustion of over 150,000 gallons per year of IPA; greater than 99% destruction of the IPA and improvements in the plant nitrification efficiency. Because IBM ultimately obtained its authorization for on-site biological treatment of waste isopropyl alcohol through a "Determination of Equivalent Treatment," it is no longer necessary for the facility to continue project development through the XL process.

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