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Exxon Fairmont Coke Works

This XL Project is expediting the cleanup of a Superfund Site, using innovative technology that recycles wastes and provides for expanded community involvement while encouraging the future reuse and redevelopment of the Site property following the cleanup. The Fairmont Coke Works Site is located on approximately 100 acres of land in Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia. Approximately half the Site was utilized for coke plant operations including; manufacturing, refining, and treating and disposing of coke and coke by-product wastes. In December 1996 EPA listed the Site on the National Priorities List (NPL) of Superfund Sites. ExxonMobil Corporation (Exxon) is the only potentially responsible party working with EPA and the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) to address environmental concerns at this Site.

In December 1998, EPA and Exxon signed a Consent Order to remove waste materials from the waste management area at the Site. The Order also suspended EPA's requirement for a long term study of the Site until the waste removal activities were completed. In May of 1999 EPA, WVDEP, Exxon and the Fairmont Community Liaison Panel (FCLP) signed a Final Project Agreement (FPA) under Project XL that outlined certain changes to the traditional Superfund process including: site characterization studies, risk assessment requirements, quality assurance procedures, and reduced paperwork requirements. During the FPA negotiation Exxon cleared the Site by having the large smoke stack, coke ovens, process buildings and other structures demolished.

Exxon hired Kipin Industries, Inc. to utilize an innovative process for excavating the landfills on the Site and process the coke and coke by product waste into a fuel that is being used to generate electricity at a nearby power plant. This work is expected to last well into 2004 and result in recycling 90-95% of the waste. While more expensive at the outset, the removal and reuse of the landfill wastes as a fuel is superior to putting a "cap" or cover over the waste and leaving it on the Site. This XL Project will eliminate future maintenance on an estimated five acre cap, address all source areas and allow more of the Site property to be available for unrestricted use in the future. Source removal may also have a positive effect on the ground water beneath the Site. Finally, the earth moving and construction required to remove the wastes at the Site will be done to accommodate the future redevelopment that the community wants.

The Minutes of the meetings of the Fairmont Community Liaison Panel and other information can be found at the "Other Information" link below.

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