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CONSAD Research Corporation, and the US Steel Group in Pittsburgh, PA, proposed to establish the Buckeye Eco-Industrial Park in Belmont County, Ohio. The park would use the core technology involving the application of innovative pyrolytic technology in the production of carbon materials and energy. The process input stream would consist of newly collected municipal waste, discarded tires, and coal refuse from nearby existing sites. It was proposed that the enhancement of wildlife habitats and improvement of visual appeal on the adjacent Superfund site would significantly contribute to the marketability of the site as an industrial park. EPA concluded that although the proposal raised some interesting policy questions and trade-offs, it would not pursue this proposal as an XL project. EPA believed the proposal would not deliver the superior environmental results that the XL program strives to foster. It also found that the implementation of the industrial park would not have broad implications for integration into how the Agency does business.

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