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3M: Hutchinson, Minnesota


3M proposes to obtain "Beyond Compliance" permits which would allow for performance-based permits, establish emission caps below existing regulatory limits, develop a single, simplified multimedia permit, and implement a simplified reporting system and an Environmental Management System verification process for its Hutchinson Minnesota facility. This proposal would allow 3M to operate with more flexibility, reduce costs and paperwork, explore innovative approaches for environmental management, and provide environmental benefits. 3M will obtain new multimedia permits that will affect numerous federal, state, and local regulations focusing mainly on air emissions, wastewater, and waste generation. The air regulations affecting these facilities include New Source Review in both non-attainment and attainment areas, Reasonably Available Control Technologies, Maximum Achievable Control Technologies, the Title V operating permit programs and others. Reporting requirements will also be included in the permit as 3M will develop public reporting procedures as well as an Environmental Management System verification process.

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