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The City of Baltimore is in the process of developing an Ecological Industrial Park (EIP). The park is located in the Fairfield area of Baltimore and is being developed as part of an Empowerment Zone initiative, designed for segments of the city's commercial and residential districts. The overall goal of an EIP is to improve the economic performance of businesses locating in the park, while reducing their adverse environmental impacts. The creation of an EIP is intended to result in lower collective environmental impacts for the park than those that would occur if each industry operated separately. The project seeks regulatory relief in three potential areas: 1. Fairfield Housing Project;. 2. Hazardous Waste; and 3. Umbrella Permitting and Reporting. Another goal of the EIP is to minimize paperwork and duplicatory reportings without sacrificing environmental quality. To meet this goal the EIP has requested a consolidation of delegated and undelegated reporting requirements under RCRA, CAA, and CWA.

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