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What is Project XLC?

Project XLC, which stands for eXcellence and Leadership for Communities, is an integral part of Project XL. Like Project XL, Project XLC is designed to test environmental management actions that deliver better or more cost-effective environmental and public health protection. However XLC focuses on actions tailored to the conditions and needs of specific geographic areas. This could include an ecologically-defined area such as a watershed, a politically-defined jurisdiction such as a city or tribal land, or any other community identified area such as a neighborhood. Project XLC encourages participation from entities such as:

Like Project XL, all XLC projects must address specific selection criteria in order to qualify as an XLC project. In addition to the eight Project XL criteria, XLC projects must also: (1) develop strategies that present economic opportunity through, or in conjunction with, improved environmental quality, and (2) incorporate new or existing community goals and plans.

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