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Letter from Betty Sellers to Carol Browner

December 18, 1996
Route 4, Box 245
Elkton, VA 22827

Ms. Carol Browner/Mr. Michael McCabe
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460

I am writing concerning the Merck XL Project, having served the entire past year as a community representative to the project.

I highly support the environmental objectives of this project and sincerely hope such environmental benefit will indeed be received by the community and the Shenandoah National Park in the future.

I am writing concerning a last minute change that was made to the draft permit by Merck regarding community representative participation at the five year reviews, should changes need to be made to the permit in the future. The change that I am referring to is the change in language from "stakeholders" to "signatories" with regard to which groups would have consensual or voting power. (The three community representatives are known as stakeholders to the project).

I truly feel that these three community representatives should be given as a group one vote since this project was designed with strong community participation in mind -- especially given the amount of flexibility Merck is receiving in this project. At the minimum, I am requesting that Merck be required to at least consult the three community representatives (stakeholders) before any permit changes are made. For it is the three community representatives who will be "at the table" and directly involved with the critical five year reviews.

I deeply appreciate your consideration on this matter, speaking on behalf of the future security and health of my entire community. I can be reached at 540-298-9992 for comments at your convenience.


Betty S. Sellers
Community Representative - Merck XL Project

(FAX December 19, 1996)

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