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Union Carbide

Letter from David Gardiner to W.T. Gray, Jr.



November 30, 1995

W.T. Gray, Jr.
Taft Plant Manager
Union Carbide Corporation
P.O. Box 50
Hahnville, LA 70057

Dear Mr. Gray:

I am pleased to inform you that your proposal to conduct a Project XL pilot at your facility in Taft, Louisiana, has been selected to enter the project development phase of the XL process. Project XL was developed to test innovative strategies and, through this process, nuture "eXcellence and Leadership" in environmental protection. We are excited to begin working with Union Carbide to forge a partnership that leads to a new era of environmental protection.

The next step in establishing this partnership is to work toward developing and signing a Final Project Agreement (FPA). If completed to the satisfaction of Union Carbide, EPA, and the other project partners, this agreement will consist of the details of the project and the expectations of each partner. Only the signing of a FPA will constitute acceptance as a full-fledged Project XL pilot. Please note that, during the technical review of your proposal, reviewers expressed some concern that the level of commitment to environmental benefits to be achieved by your project were not yet fully articulated. Therefore, EPA will place particular importance on the level of environmenal benefits planned for this project when determining whether to approve the FPA.

We will soon be sending you a document describing the principles for the project development phase. You will also be contacted very soon by Rob Lawrence from Region 6 of the Environmental Protection Agency to initiate the FPA development process. As the development phase is limited to six months, please be prepared to begin discussions as soon as possible and to sustain a high level of involvement.

We are pleased to be working with you in a process that holds such promise for the future of environmental protection.


David Gardiner
Assistant Administrator

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