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Letter from Allen Ross to Michelle Glenn

P.O. Box 426
Highway 49, South
Oglethorpe, GA 31068
(912) 472-3440
Fax: (912) 472-3524

Ms. Michelle M. Glenn
Weyerhaeuser Project XL Lead
U.S. EPA, Waste Division, 10th Floor
Atlanta Federal Center
100 Alabama Street, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

RE: Project XL Program

Dear Ms. Glenn:

I am the Deputy Warden of Administration of Macon State Prison. The Prison complex occupies approximately 300 acres and is located within one-half mile from the Weyerhaeuser Flint River Operations on Highway 49, South. Macon State Prison houses 960 close security inmates with a staff of 309 employees. I have represented Macon State Prison for the Project XL Committee since February, 1996.

Environmental concerns and questions arise frequently from our inmate population and correctional staff. Weyerhaeuser has always been a "good neighbor" and openly discussed the plant's impact on the local community. As a member of the XL Committee, I have become a liaison between the Weyerhaeuser mill and staff/offenders of the Prison.

The highlight of being a committee member is receiving an education in the process of pulp making. Each meeting would explain the technology involved and its impact on the local and extended environment. We undestand that Weyerhaeuser is the first in its industry to be accepted into the XL program.

Locally, the Flint River Plant has won numerous air and water quality awards. The plant's environmental compliance record has been utilized in creating standards for the U.S. EPA and the Georgia EPD.

At the XL Committee meetings, the Weyerhaeuser Engineers have meticulously explained each step of the pulp producing process. Their meetings are exceptionally informative and detail each step of the operation. They explain how decisions are made to choose the best process that has least impact on air and water supplies. Placing environmental concerns above production quotas has resulted in a very low pollution rate.

The XL Committee meetings offer an open format for fellow business people, neighbors, and citizens to collectively give input and ask questions.

The largest attribute in being an XL Committee member is that I can intelligently answer questions from staff and inmates regarding air and water quality. We are located adjacent to the Weyerhaeuser plant and quite naturally concerns arise about the quality of the air over our compound. Being involved with the committee and having the resources available, I can answer these concerns reasonably and sensibly, with sound answers. I am able to act as a "local guide" for the prison's concerns and direct questions to the proper source for explanations.

It is my pleasure to serve on the XL Committee. I have gleaned much information on the air and water quality surrounding the Weyerhaeuser Flint River Operations. It's reassuring to know that Weyerhaeuser is a leader in setting standards that we can be proud of.

I personally am comfortable with the information, communication and performance levels presented by Weyerhaeuser. I feel that they are trustworthy. They have earned my respect and are truly a community leader.


Allen Ross
Deputy Warden/Administration

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