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Molex Incorporated

Acceptance Letter

John Krehbiel Jr.
Molex Corporation
2222 Wellington Court
Lisle Il, 60532


Dear Mr. Krehbiel,


I am pleased to inform you that the Molex proposal to conduct a Project XL pilot at the Lincoln, Nebraska facility has been selected to enter the development phase of the XL process. Project XL was developed to test innovative environmental management strategies and, through this process, nurture eXcellence and Leadership in environmental protection. We are excited to begin working with Molex on the next step in the process that will lead to a new era of environmental protection.

The next step in the Project XL process is to work toward developing and signing a Final Project Agreement (FPA). If completed to the satisfaction of Molex, EPA, and the other project signatories, this agreement will detail the expectations of each participant. Only the signing of a FPA will constitute acceptance as a full-fledged Project XL pilot.

David Doyle from Region VII of the Environmental Protection Agency will be contacting Paul Eckerson, in the near future to initiate the FPA development process. The development phase is limited to six months. This ambitious timeframe will require a high level of involvement from Molex, please be prepared to begin discussions as soon as possible and to sustain a high level of involvement.

We are pleased to be working with Molex in a process that holds such promise for the future of environmental protection.


David Gardiner

Assistant Administrator

cc: David Doyle, Region 7

Mary Jane Wingett, Region 7

Jamie Bernard-Drakey Region 7

Bill Rice DRA Region 7

Paul Eckerson (Molex Inc 1400 West Bond Circle, Lincoln, Nebraska 68521

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