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Berry Corporation

Project Fact Sheet

EPA 100-F-98-017

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Office of the Administrator
September 1998
[Mail Code 1802] (https://www.epa.gov)


Project XL:
Jack M. Berry Inc.


Project XL, which stands for "eXcellence and Leadership," is a national initiative that tests innovative ways of achieving better and more cost-effective public health and environmental protection. The experience and lessons learned from Project XL will assist EPA in redesigning its current regulatory and policy-setting approaches. Project XL encourages testing of cleaner, cheaper, and smarter ways to attain environmental results superior to those achieved under current regulations and policies, in conjunction with greater accountability to stakeholders. Project XL is limited in scope, having a goal commitment of 50 pilot projects. Therefore, it is vital that each project test new ideas with potential for wide application and broad environmental benefits. As of August 1998, nine pilot experiments are being implemented and twenty additional projects are currently being developed.


Jack M. Berry Inc., a mid-sized juice-processing facility in LaBelle, Florida, is developing a facility-wide comprehensive operating plan that consolidates 23 federal, state, and local environmental permits and all operating procedures into a single manual for the facility. The Final Project Agreement was signed on July 8, 1996.


The implementation of Berry's project will protect the environment by:
·Reinvesting cost savings into the voluntary installation of a new peel dryer used in fruit
processing, which will reduce air emissions of volatile organic compounds, sulfur dioxide,
and oxides of nitrogen
·Reducing the number and types of solvents and lubricants used onsite and replacing them
with a number of environmentally-friendly materials

Other voluntary goals will be incorporated into the final comprehensive operating permit that is still being developed, such as:
·Reduced water use through re-use and more efficient management practices and
·Reduced solid waste generation through increased recycling


EPA allows Jack M. Berry Inc. The flexibility of using a comprehensive operating permit. This permit for the operation and regulation of the entire facility will maintain all environmental standards and consolidate federal, state, and local facility permits.

This comprehensive operating permit eliminates the requirement of preparing multiple permit applications every few years, a benefit that will result in significant cost savings for the company. It also reduces lender concern about future operational status, which can translate into lower interest rates for long-term loans. The project improves worker safety and ensures compliance with environmental requirements by involving staff in the development of the facility-wide operating plan and by using simple language to describe more clearly what is required by law.


Jack M. Berry Inc. is working to ensure that those parties with a stake in the environmental concepts and impacts of its proposal are informed and have an opportunity to fully participate in project development. Efforts so far have included:
·The development of a Stakeholder Committee, which includes representatives from the
local Chamber of Commerce, a Regional economic development group, local
environmentalists, local representatives of two national groups (Audubon Society and the
Nature Conservancy), the U.S. Department of Interior, and the Mayor of Labelle
·The review of the proposed project agreement by the Stakeholder Committee
·A public meeting, conducted by the Stakeholder Committee, to inform and seek
comment and input from all interested citizens about the development of the Final Project
·Additional public outreach focusing on two local counties


·The benefits and pitfalls of comprehensive operating permits that meld dozens of local,
state, and federal permits into one
·The impact of permit consolidation on costs and expenditures
·The impact of permit certainty on cost of capital


Regional: Michelle Glenn, Region 4 404-562-8674
EPA HQ: Chad Carbone 202-260-4296
State: Jacki McGorty, Project Lead 850-921-9717
Peggie Highsmith, District Project Lead 941-332-6975
Company: Ernie Caldwell 941-324-4988


More information about Project XL is available on the Internet at https://www.epa.gov/ProjectXL, via Project XL's fax-on-demand line at 202-260-8590, or via Project XL's Information Line at 703-934-3239.

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