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Atlantic Steel

Atlantic Steel: Minutes from the Public Meeting, 9/15/98

MINUTES Atlantic Steel XL Redevelopment Project
Open House Tuesday, September 15, 1998
Atlanta Academy of Medicine
7:00-9:00 PM
I. Purpose:

Jacoby Development, Inc., and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cohosted an open house to discuss the planned redevelopment of Atlantic Steel's 138-acre site under EPA's Project XL (eXcellence in environmental Leadership) program. Approximately 75 people attended representing adjacent residential neighborhoods, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Georgia Department of Transportation (GA DOT), Jacoby Development UDI), Atlantic Steel, EPA Region IV and Washington, the Georgia Conservancy, the development's consulting firms, other special interest stakeholders and the general public.

II. Facilities:

The meeting was held as shown in the Atlanta Academy of Medicine. The entry to the building has a large rotunda and adjacent wings with an auditorium for approximately 200 people to the rear. The entry area was set up to accommodate information from the various presenters which focused on EPA and the project with supplemental information relating to Law Engineering, pollution prevention programs and included a model of the proposed project as well as a video that ran prior to the meeting. Considerable amounts of discussion and review of the various materials occurred prior to the meeting. A sample of the literature and brochures is attached and a copy of the video presentation is available upon request.

Ill. Meeting Content:

The attached agenda was followed with comments as follows:

a) Ms. Connie Cooper with Cooper Ross SV served as meeting facilitator and opened the meeting at approximately 7:15 p.m. with introductory comments stressing the importance of continuing to keep all interested and affected parties informed of the project's progress.

b) Mr. Charles Brown of CRB Realty, JDI's project coordinator, provided some opening remarks regarding the importance of the project to the Atlanta region, to air quality and to Jacoby Development. Mr. Brown indicated it was important to

maintain a balance between the environment and development.

Jim Kutzman, Deputy Director of EPA's Region IV's Air Quality Division, provided a brief overview of EPA's Project XL and indicated that the Atlantic Steel project appeared to be an excellent candidate for the program. He stated that EPA was also very interested in collaborative problem-solving regarding issues related to the environment and development.

c) Mr. Eric Meyer, representing Ellen Keyes, with the Georgia Conservancy and the sponsor of a recent symposium on Smart Growth, provided an overview of air quality problems in the Atlanta Region, detailing how NOX emissions contributed to the "Blob," particularly mobile sources. He further discussed Smart Growth tactics and how the Atlantic Steel project responds to the Conservancy's Smart Growth goals.

d) Mr. Brown followed with a detailed discussion of the Atlantic Steel project as per the attached slides. He focused on how the project is expected to reduce auto emissions for a comparable project, incorporate links to mass transit, provide a mixed-use development for "living, working and playing." Mr. Brown also discussed the potential additional benefit of improving traffic by "unlocking gridlock" with the new multi-modal bridge and improving circulation in the immediate vicinity of the project.

e) Michelle Glenn, the EPA Region IV Atlantic Steel XL Project Coordinator, provided a summary of EPA's Project XL program (See attached brochure.) and the criteria the project must address to receive final EPA approval as an XL Project.

Geoff Anderson, EPA Washington, followed up with an explanation of the air quality performance methodology that will be used to compare the Atlantic Steel's "brownfield" project with development of a similar type on a "greenfield" site. Consultants to EPA will model the various projects to project their relative effect on the air quality of the Atlanta region.

The meeting was concluded with a question and answer session and an "availability" session during which Atlantic Steel and EPA project information was on display.

Questions & Answers/Comments:

Questions posed at the meeting and on comment cards were as follows:

_Q: Where will the money come from to construct the 17th Street Bridge?

A: At this early stage, we are looking at a variety of possible sources to contribute to the funding of this bridge. We have not identified the specific mechanism, but it will probably be a combination of public and private funds.

A: Site plans and remediation plans call for trees, lakes and open space. Specifically, I can't address the area you've discussed, but your comments are noted
and will be addressed in the final plans.
_Q: What is the projected build-out date?
A: We hope that the project will proceed as follows:

*EPA acceptance of our proposal and start negotiations
for the FPA October '98
*Recommendation of Atlantic Steel Project for
TCM status by EPA December'98
*Documentation and approval of TCM by ARC,
EPD, GA DOT, FHWA June '99
*Institute infrastructure design and construction July '99
*Begin vertical development January '00
*Grand Opening Phase I October'01
*Completion of Phase 3 and projected build out 2012

Q: What type of businesses are planned under the title of "entertainment"?

A: Obviously restaurants, cafes and movie theaters are the basis of the entertainment proposed, but we are also targeting the high-tech entertainment providers such as Sega Gameworks, Dave and Busters, RW Good Times - places that use the latest in technology in creating the most exciting "virtual experience.'

Statement: We need to show how the property looks today and how it wi I I look tomorrow.

IV. Ms Cooper adjourned the meeting to the rotunda for further discussion and
reminded attendees that comment and question sheets (green, gray and orange) are
available and encouraged and stressed that EPA and JDI were available to meet as
required to receive input or discuss the project.

V. Comments (written):

FROM: Charlie Orrock, 998 Ormewood Ave., SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Please remember that the property is not just 138 acres of ugly steel mill. Certainly the buildings, yards and most of it is industrial ugly, but a few acres are wooded, with stream and wetland; very country looking with some magnificent old oaks that would enhance the esthetic value of the new project greatly. Don't just focus on completely going away with the old. You would be throwing the baby out with the bath water. What kind of organized community input opportunities are built in to this process?

Q: How much will the bridge cost?

A: No specific design or costs have been obtained, but considering the additional transportation elements added to the bridge other than four lanes of general traffic, specifically the bike lanes, pedestrian facilities, and high-capacity transit elements,we have heard a range of numbers from $15 to $30 million.

Q: What is the overall project schedule and time frames?
A: We hope that the project will proceed as follows:

-EPA acceptance of our proposal and start negotiations for the FPA October '98
-Recommendation of Atlantic Steel Project for TCM status by EPA December'98
-Documentation and approval of TCM by ARC, EPD, GA DOT, FHWA June '99
-Institute infrastructure design and construction July '99
-Begin vertical development January '00 Grand Opening Phase I October '0 1

Q: When was the property purchased from Atlantic Steel?

A: The property has not been purchased from Atlantic Steel yet. Atlantis 16th LLC JDI) has an option on the property contingent on land remediation and bridge approval.

Q: How will the project help congestion in the area if the project generates substantial amounts of additional traffic?

A: The proposed transportation improvements (bridge, transit connection, bike lanes, pedestrian facilities and ramp modifications and additions) will show an improvement in traffic congestion according to the traffic projections by the transportation engineers by "unlocking gridlock," improving circulation and connecting the east and west sides of I--75/85.

Q: What types of transit improvements are planned?

A: We have not specifically identified the type of vehicle as of yet. We do know that it will be high-capacity transit in the form of something like a light-rail'trolley, people mover, or monorail in addition to bikeways and vastly improved pedestrian facilities.

Q: What will happen to the existing vegetation on the property? Will all the large trees be cut down?

FROM: Jim Shanks, 1671 Friar Tuck Road, Atlanta, GA 30309

Can residents of Sherwood Forest and Ansley Park get off 1-75185 and cross new 17'h Street bridge to save 5" to get home? Noise in the neighborhood?

FROM: Tom Burns, 1198 Barnes Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Bridge needs to accommodate traffic from both 1-75 and 1-85. Why not consider commuter rail? The railway is so close.

FROM: James Oxendine, P.O. Box 54286, Atlanta, GA 30308

Site plan looks good, however, using existing water features and woodland trails could go a long way in improving marketability. Atlanta as a city lacks this quality; the addition of enhanced aesthetics drives not only the residential but compliments the retail and commercial as well. (See Las Colinas.) Please keep me informed as you progress. I am a strong supporter.

FROM: Pat Kelly, P.O. Box 19660, Atlanta, GA 30325

If the bridge doesn't fit into Midtown, is it an option to locate it more south toward 14 Ih? Consider a tunnel? I'm with sky-shots photography and have photographed this project years ago for loan Greer and others. I would like to be considered for any photograph y/video needs you have over the span of this project.

Attachments: Sign-in List
Meeting Notices
Comment and Request Sheets
ATLANTIC STEEL REDEVELOPMENT XL PROJECT Tuesday, September 15, 1998, 7:00 p.m.
The Atlanta Academy of Medicine Auditorium Facilitator: Connie Cooper
Connie Ross SV AGENDA
7:00 prn Opening Remarks/Agenda Connie Cooper,
Cooper Ross SV

7:10 prn Welcome Charles Brown,
CRB Rea/ty/lacoby
Development, Inc.

James Kutzman,

7:20 prn Status - Atlanta Air Quality Ellen Keyes,
CA Conservancy

7:30 prn Overview - Atlantic Steel Project Charles Brown

7:40 pm Overview - Project XL Michelle Glenn,
U.S. EPA, Region 4

Geoff Anderson,

8:00 prn Question & Answer Connie Cooper

8:30 pm Informal Work Session Connie Cooper*
(in Rotunda Hall)
9:00 prn Closing

*Various professionals in the areas discussed and members of the Jacoby design team will be available for discussion.
My comments, questions and/or suggestions are:



Please keep me informed on: Additional Public Meetings
Progress on Atlantic Steel Project XL
P2 Pollution Prevention

Please leave this form in the box provided tonight or mail to : CRB Realty Associates
P.O. Box 2246
: Duluth, GA 30096

Atlantic Steel Redevelopment XL Project

Public Meeting Attendance - September 15, 1998

Allen, Eliot Criterion, Inc. 725 NW Flanders #303 Portland, OR 97201 503-224-8606
Anderson, Geoff EPA 401 M St., SW Washington, DC 20460 202-260-2769
Arroll, Rich 2554 Rivers Rd. Atlanta, GA 404-816-3177
Ayers, John 75 14th St. Atlanta, GA 30390 404-373-5300
Bowman, Bob 387 Garden Ln. Atlanta, GA 404-892-4736
Bozeman, Jan GSU 710 Ponce DeLeon # 4 Decatur, GA 30030 404-378-5097
Brown, Charles CRB Realty PO Box 2246 Duluth, GA 30096 770-622-7797
Brown, Walter Southface Energy Institute 241 Pine St. Atlanta, GA 30308 404-872-3549
Budeir, Maher Farooq Masjid 6851 Roswell Rd. #N-17 Atlanta, GA 770-350-6801
Burns, Mary Ann Home Park 1206 Holly St., NW Atlanta, GA 404-874-0564
Burns, Tom Home Park 1198 Barnes St., NW Atlanta, GA 404-875-8022
Cave, Ed Midtown Alliance 1275 Peachtree St. Atlanta, GA 404-881-1811
Cohen, Dan City of Atlanta 404-330-6899
Dedmadis, Bill 770-842-3825
Desrocher, Nina Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA 404-894-2353
Dreher, Reginald Robb Pitts'Office 55 Trinity St. 404-330-6035
Duvall, Jason Southface Energy Institute 241 Pine St. Atlanta, GA 30308 404-872-3549
Edwards, Doug Roy F. Weston 180 Peachtree #420 Atlanta, GA 404-527-7007
Fleming, William Atlanta Development Authority 230 Peachtree St., Suite 2100 Atlanta, GA 30303 404-658-7066
Frank, Larry Idf Associates 404-370-1132
Glenn, Michelle EPA 61 Forsyth St. , S.W Atlanta,GA 30303 404-562-8674
Goodwin, Rob EPA 404-562-9044
Haywood, Robert/Pat 404-352-1491
Hendrix, Becky EPA 404-562-8342
Hillestad, Hillburn Jacoby Development Inc. 100 Abernathy Rd. Atlanta, GA 33028
Holdroyd, Tim City Realty 404-607-8171
Holtzclaw, Brian EPA 100 Alabama St. , SW Atlanta, GA 30303 404-562-8684
Husdspeth, Gregg 3060 Peachtree Rd., NW#600 Atlanta, GA 30305 404-365-7630
Ingram, Tom TVSA 1230 Peachtree St., 2700 Promenade II Atlanta, GA 404-888-6660
Jacoby, Jim Jacoby Development Inc. 1000 Abernathy Rd., #1800 Atlanta, GA 30328 770-399-9930
Jacoby, Mitch Jacoby Development Inc. 1000 Abernathy Rd. Atlanta, GA 30328 770-399-9930
Jenkins, H.F. Starvers & Co. 5000 Burnt Hickory Rd. Kennesaw, GA 770-528-9422
Jones, Stuart E& Y Kenneth Leventhal 404-817-5987
Kelly, Pat Sky-Shots Photography 770-729-1200
Kittle, Jennifer EPA? 61 Forsyth St., SW Atlanta, GA 30303 404-562-3653
Koblentic, Michael NPU-E 1479 Konwan Ave., NE Atlanta, GA 30309 404-876-3430
Kutzman, Jim EPA 61 Forsyth St., SW Atlanta, GA 30303 404-562-9077
Langley, Jane 2167 Mckinley Rd. , NW Atlanta, GA 30318 404-351-6005
Lavelle, John 678 E. Paces Ferry Rd. Atlanta, GA 30305 404-262-365
Leary, Brian CRB Realty PO Box 2246 Duluth, GA 30096 770-622-7797
Ledbetter, Leonard Low Environmental 112 Townpark Dr. Kennesaw, GA 30144 770-42103569
Lee, Sangjin TVSA 1230 Peachtree St., 2700 Promenade 11 Atlanta, GA 404-888-6600
Leon, Harry Safe 924 Bowen St., NW Atlanta, GA 30318 404-352-3882
Lunde, Andrew 1485 Hawthorne Ave. 404-876-4083
MacGregal, Dell 432 Barbington Rd. Atlanta, GA 404-378-6040
Mathis, Vernon Home Park 1225 State St., NE Atlanta, GA 404-872-9531
Merton, John EPA 4244 International Pkwy, Suite 136 Atlanta, GA 30354 404-363-7039
Merz, Steve Woodruff Arts 404-735-4205
Metherton, Martha Aflenta Business Chronlcle 404-249-1044
Meyer, Eric Ga Conservancy 1776 Peachtree St., Suite 400 S Atlanta, GA 30309 404-876-2900
Miller, Julia SCAT PO Box 93584 Atlanta, GA 30377 404-385-0165
Orrick, Charlie Home Park 1600 Mecaslin Dr., NW Atlanta, GA 404-897-4801
Oxendine, James The Oxendine Group 404-872-6222
Page,Jan 2246 Eastlake Rd. Atlanta, GA 404-378-3619
Parks, Visht/Raymond 1349 Northside, DR. Atlanta, GA 30318
Pitts, Chris Atlantic Steel Industries
Pouncey, Gerald Morris, Manning, & Martin 404-233-7000
Richardson, Darrell GDOT 404-656-5440
Riley, Mark 1900 Emery St., # 300 Atlanta, GA 30318 404-965-3386
Riley, William 290 Riverhall Dr. 404-252-1769
Rolainson, J. Michael Ansley Park 221 Peachtree Circle Atlanta, GA 404-607-9235
Schneider, Richard GDOT No. 2 Capitol Square Atlanta, GA 30334 404-657-6914
Schroeder, Laurie FHWA 404-562-3632
Shanks, Jim/Shelia 1671 Friar Tuck Atlanta, GA 30309
Sheckler, Kelly EPA 61 Forsyth St., SW Atlanta, GA 30303 404-562-9042
Stanfill, Shelton 404-733-4212
Suitt, Tom Bovis Construction 770-481-9142
Terry, Carl EPA 61 Forsyth St., SW Atfanta, GA 30303 404-562-8325
Torma, Tim EPA 240 M St., SW Washington, DC 20460 202-260-5180
Varnador 1276 Lyle Pl. Atlanta, GA 404-815-5208
Webb, Jesse Atlantic Steel Industries
Whitt, William 5219 Willow Mill Dr. Marietta, GA 30068-4759 770-971-2906
Williams, Derrick EPD 404-656-7802
VVilliams, Emma Southface Energy Institute 241 Pine St. Atlanta, GA 30308 404-872-3549
Womack, Jay 1090 Ferncliff Rd., NE Atlanta, GA 404-261-3767
Wuichet, John 397 Richards St. Atlanta, GA 30318 404-873-1237

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