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Mesquite Flexibility Request


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Consolidated Environmental Operating Permit

Draft: September 2, 1997


Note: This is a flexibility request applying to the Mesquite facility immediately, but which, if successful, would be implemented through the EMS next at Allentown and eventually at all Microelectronics facilities.

Microelectronics proposes the design and development of a consolidated permit, covering all environmental approvals and based upon the facility's EMS goals and objectives. In the case of Mesquite, the first test and the simplest of the Microelectronics facilities, the consolidated permit would combine the conditions and reporting requirements of the three following permits: Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit # LUC-980410, City of Mesquite Sewer System, Mesquite, Texas NPDES Stormwater Discharge, Multi-sector General Permit #TXR0A265,
US Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality Permit # 6838, Texas Natural Resource and Conservation Commission

Present Permit Conditions and Reporting Requirements

The key permit conditions and reporting requirements for these permits are contained in Attachment A. The conditions define limits fixed over the life of the permit. Permit Conditions for Consolidated Facility-wide Permit For normal operations, Microelectronics would propose plant site emissions and discharge limits, which would tie its air and water limits to the goals and objectives established each year in the EMS. Under the permit, limits might be floating consistent with the continuous improvement principle based upon production at the facility.

Over an implementation or transition period, this approach would significantly lower limits on VOCs and establish limits on NOx from previously grandfathered boilers. Renewals Under the consolidated permit, renewals would not be required as long as the EMS was maintained. Participation by the agencies granting the consolidated permit in the EMS would be considered to satisfy re-application and renewal requirements.

Consolidated Reporting

Microelectronics would propose to consolidate reporting and include monthly reports via a World Wide Web site the following emissions data: Hourly VOC emission rate on a plant-wide basis Annual VOC emission rate on a plant-wide basis Annual NOx emissions Stormwater discharge analysis including turbidity and suspended solids Industrial wastewater analysis including concentrations of Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Cyanide, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Silver, Zinc; measured maximum and daily average flows; pH Regulatory and Community Involvement

The Lucent Mesquite facility environmental staff would meet with community through the offices of the Local Environmental Advisory Group (LEAG) on a quarterly basis to share information and elicit input on continuous improvement goals, targets and objectives. The Lucent Mesquite facility environmental staff would meet with the regulatory offices through the EnAct team process on a quarterly basis to elicit input on continuous improvement targets and objectives.

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