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Letter from Caldwell to Wetherell

August 27, 1997

Virginia H. Wetherell
Dept. of Environmental Protection
3900 Commonwealth Blvd
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000

Dear Virginia:

As you are aware, our Project XL Final Project Agreement currently anticipates a "Comprehensive Operating Permit" application submitted by August 31, 1997. Due to unanticipated recent events which you are also aware of, it has become impossible to complete this application as originally discussed. Therefore, on behalf of Jack M. Berry, Inc., I am hereby requesting an extension of our COP application date to on or before February 27, 1998. While I regret the nature of this request, I am confident that the quality and completeness of our application will be greatly enhanced, thereby resulting in the expedient issuance of the Nation's first Comprehensive Operating Permit.

Please indicate your acceptance of my request by placing your signature as provided for below and forwarding for other appropriate signatures.



Ernie Caldwell
Vice President
Government Relations & ISO

Virginia Wetherell
Secretary, State of Florida
Department of Environmental Protection

Samuel E. Poole III
Executive Director
South Florida Water Management District

John H. Hankinson, Jr.
Regional Administrator, Region 4
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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