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3M: Bedford, Illinois

3M: Letter From Scott Bernstein to Thomas Zosel

July 19, 1995

Mr. Thomas Zosel
3M Corporation
P.O. Box 3331
Building 41-01-05
St. Paul, MN 55133

Dear Tom:

I understand that your company is seeking participation in an advisory panel of Chicago community representatives regarding your upcoming innovative trading initiative around the continued improvement and retrofit of 3M's Bedford Park facility.

As you are aware from our ongoing discussions, CNT is supportive of efforts by companies who can show their "good neighbor" programs can produce ongoing, tangible and equitably distributed benefits for their respective surrounding communities.

Within such an understanding, we would be delighted to participate in your "Project XL" advisory panel and look forward to continuing our good working relationship.

Looking forward to working with you on this matter; if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. My direct extension is (312) 278-4800 x156.

With best regards,


Scott Bernstein

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