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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

Letter from MPCA to Pilot Project Committee Members

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

June 19, 1995

RE: Future Project XL Pilots in Minnesota

Dear Pilot Project Committee Member:

Please find enclosed a copy of Project XL proposals for US Filter, Andersen Windows, and US Steel. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has been holding the three proposals back until a reading on how the 3M Hutchinson project was received.

As you all know, the 3M Project XL pilot project is moving forward and the response overall has been positive. The MPCA is now looking at moving forward in the development of additional Project XL pilots. The MPCA is considering moving forward the US Filter, Andersen Windows, and US Steel pilots. A meeting to discuss the three proposals with the Pilot Project Committee (PPC) members has been set for:

DATE: June 28, 1996
TIME: 9:30 to 11:30
PLACE: MPCA, 6th Floor, Conference Room 1 & 2

The MPCA has developed internal teams assigned to each proposal that have been reviewing merits of each. The team reviewing the US Filter proposal have recommended the proposal be accepted for development of a pilot project. The MPCA teams for Andersen Windows and US Steel are in the final stages of reviewing the proposals, I anticipate that a recommendation will be made prior to the June 28 meeting with the PPC. Assuming the PPC members and EPA do not object to moving forward with development of the pilot projects, the MPCA would take the following action:

1) develop a stakeholder group to oversee the process;

2) gather additional information as needed;

3) develop and public notice a draft permit and final project agreement; and

4) issue the permit

Comments from the PPC have been very helpful on the 3M pilot, and MPCA would appreciate any comments you have on the three enclosed proposals and what the PPC role should be from this point forward. The meeting on July 28 is intended to facilitate the receipt of comments on the proposals. However, if you can not make it to the meeting, or if you have an objection to moving forward with proposals please contact me at 296-3107.

Thank you for your participation in the PPC. Your commitment and comments in the development of the Project XL experiment in Minnesota are appreciated and have been very helpful.


Andrew E. Ronchak
MPCA Project XL, Coordinator


cc: Cynthia Cummis, EPA
Marilou Martin, EPA Region V
Lisa Thorvig, MPCA

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