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Telephone Conversation Between Edith Loman and Robin Moran


Date: 5/13/97

Subject: Public Comment on Merck XL project

Caller: Edith Loman Bridgewater, VA (540-828-4694)

Call Made to: Robin Moran, EPA Region III (215) 566-2064

Date of Call: 5/13/97 (voice mail message) Ms. Moran returned call on 5/13/97

Ms. Loman called Ms. Moran on 5/13/97 and left a voice mail message with the following comments: She is concerned with the permit for the Merck plant that apparently exempts them from EPA emission standards and also concerned that it has an unlimited term which Merck can veto at anything that's said. She's a lover of the Shenandoah Valley and the Shenandoah Park. She thinks Merck is a pretty good plant, but she believes they need to be watched.

Ms. Moran returned Ms. Loman's call on 5/13/97 to ask whether she planned to submit written comments. Ms. Loman said that she did not plan to submit written comments because her voice mail comments were clear enough. Ms. Moran offered to enter her comments into the docket.



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