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Letter from Maxwell F. Borden, Jr. to Robin Moran

Randolph Macon Academy #3-D
201 West Third Street
Front Royal, VA 22630

Ms. Robin Moran
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Reg. III
Air, Radiation & Toxins Division
841 Chestnut St. (3AT23)
Philadelphia, PA. 19107-4431

Re: Proposed Emissions PERMIT for Merck's Elkton Plant falls short of sufficient PROTECTION for Air Quality Protection Standards. National Parks & Conservation Assn. ALERT bulletin, copy enclosed

I was born 1927 in Strasburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia at/near base of Massanutten mountain. I lived with my parents in Madison, Virginia most of 2nd half of the thirties. I can remember when the air was so sweet and clean, you could see as far as the eye discerned because there was no polluting haze. How, you are lucky to be able to see the valley floor anywhere from Skyline Drive.

Recently, the federal government renovated the Herbert Hoover Presidential retreat for Trout Fishing in Madison County. I understand it was open for the public peons to view, for a short period of time, then closed again for the benefit of higher paid government beaucrats as their exclusive use. This is similar to the Smithsonian taking over the old ARMY Remount Station at Front Royal which once more bars the general public from a wonderful facility that they pay for but are barred from using. My Loving departed Mother had many fond memories of the old Horse Calvary from Front Royal would bivouac for months in the summers in the fields near the Lime Kilns west of Stephens City and Middletown. The towns people would go by Horse and Buggy and picnic with the Calvary men on the week-ends at their bivouac areas and they would put on Jumping Exhibitions for their guests. This was at end of WW ONE up and into the 30's.

This whole area has been abused now for years and just cannot take any more. You know where the people in Washington, D.C. go to on week-ends to get away. In a fraction over an hour they can be on Skyline Drive, up Fort Valley or Shenandoah Valley. This area deserves your concern and help to protect and preserve what is left.

We urge your consideration in this matter along with some Congressional friends and who I urge to respond likewise.

cc: Honorable John W. Warner, U.S. Senate
Honorable Charles Robb, U.S. Senate
Honorable Frank R. Wolf, U.S. Congress
Honorable Thomas M. Davis, U.S. Congress


Maxwell F. Borden, Jr.



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