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Telephone Conversation Between Dee Chips and Robin Moran


Date: 5/7/97

Subject: Public Comment on Merck XL project

Caller: Dee Chips (540-997-0325)
P.O. Box 249
Goshen, VA 24439-0249

Call Made to: Robin Moran, EPA Region III
(215) 566-2064

Date of Call: 5/6/97 (voice mail message)

Ms. Moran returned call on 5/7/97

Ms. Chips (with EIH and NITH) called Ms. Moran on 5/6/97 and left a voice mail message with the following comments: Ms. Chips said that she wishes to register this call as interest in the Merck project. She is renewing her membership with NRDC [Natural Resources Defense Council] and wanted to make known that she believes it is a good idea to limit the permit time and to ask for Merck to remove their veto authority over proposed amendment changes and require greater permit review process with the public and the involvement on the proposed emissions permit for the Merck Elkton plant.

Ms. Moran returned Ms. Chips' call on 5/7/97 to ask whether she planned to submit written comments. Ms. Chips said that she would like the comments in her voice mail message to be logged in the docket. Ms. Moran agreed to do so. Ms. Chips added that her wish for the future is that more money and resources should be developed into natural energy systems.

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