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Letter from David and Erma Angevine to Robin Moran

David & Erma Angevine
107 Wineberry Drive -
Winchester, VA 22603

5 May 1997

Robin Moran,
Air, Radiation & Toxins Division
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency - Region III
841 Chestnut Street - 3AT123
Philadelphia PA 19107-4431

Dear Ms. Moran:

My wife and I have enjoyed Shenandoah National park since we "discovered" it on a trip from Chicago in 1955. We've returned almost every year since. It's a treasure that brings real meaning to "This Land is Our Land...." For the past decade we've grown increasingly concerned as we've noted the effects of various man-made pollutants rising from the valleys.

We are presently concerned with EPA's negotiated agreement with Merck. We, of course, applaud its intended goal of reducing sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides and its provision for review every five years. However, as I understand it, the proposed permit provides that Merck may veto any changes proposed as a result of these reviews. EPA is surrendering its authority, and I think this is unconscionable. Merck must not have such a veto.

I also think you might schedule well-publicized public hearings on the permit before it's issued and certainly whenever the permit comes up for review. I think EPA would find public interest and participation most helpful.

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