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Letter from Maryann Froehlich

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to inform you that we are finalizing work on the final project agreement (FPA) for the XL project at Jack M. Berry, Inc. facility in LaBelle, Florida. Our Region 4 office expects to publish local notices of its availability for comment by June 1, 1996, extending for 30 days.

We have attached the draft FPA in order continue to provide you with project information, as promised. We would have preferred to provide you with much greater advance notice of the impending comment period. However, this project admittedly progressed far more quickly in recent weeks than we had anticipated due to its relative simplicity. The project essentially consists of an administrative combination of permits without changing any of the regulatory requirements contained in the original permits.

The Berry project will provide greater environmental benefits through reduction of air emissions; pollution prevention efforts related to alternative fuels and potential replacement of toxic solvents; an employee-developed "Comprehensive Operating Plan" that addresses every regulatory and non-regulatory operational process at the juice facility; and other efforts. Overall, it appears that this project provides a solid level of environmental benefits, especially relative to the administrative flexibility that Berry is requesting.

We hope that you will find the FPA interesting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 202-260-4012, Lisa Hunter of my staff at 202-260-4744 or Dee Stewart, Region 4 project lead, at 404-347-3555 x 2928. Thank you for your continued interest in Project XL.


Maryann Froehlich, Director
Office of Policy Development

cc: John Kessler
Lisa Hunter
Dee Stewart


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