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Stakeholder's Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
HADCO's Project XL
Watsonville, CA Stakeholders Meeting
April 26, 1996

This meeting started at 10:00 am at HADCO's Tech Center 2 facility located at 78 Hangar Way, Watsonville, Attendees were as follows:

Ron Brown EPA Region IX
Larry Bush City of Watsonville
Norman Calero EPA Region IX
Rolando Chavlier Santa Cruz County Health Dept
Mike Cruddas HADCO - Tech 2
Mike Dwan West Coast Circuits
Don French City of Watsonville
Kevin Kingston All Waste
Steve Lender EPA Region IX
Vic Marani Independant Consultant
Gary Murchison CA DTSC
Mostafa Pournejat Zycon Corp
Robert Puno HADCO - Tech 2
Gerardo Rios EPA Region IX
Lee Wilmot HADCO - Salem

Lee Wilmot reviewed both the Project XL criteria and HADCO's Project XL proposal. In the discussion following, Mostafa Pournejat noted that he had obtained transportation costs, for his company (a large PWB manufacturer), and found that shipping his sludge from Santa Clara, CA to the smelter in Arizona by rail (as a non-regulated waste) was one-third the cost of utilizing a licensed hazardous waste transporter.

Pertinent points about the "Draft IV Final Project Agreement" (FPA) were reviewed. Gary Murchison stated that he'd like to see what differences in managing the sludge as a non-regulated material would result if this sludge were delisted. Ron Brown said that he'd like to see the FPA include how the sludge would be managed once delisted, since RCRA standards would no longer apply. A discussion ensued regarding California requirements still applicable even if the federal listing were removed. Gary noted that a generator could utilize recycling exemptions for such materials.

Attendees were advised of the due date of May 17, 1996 for comments on the Draft IV FPA and the next scheduled meeting on June 19, 1996. Most attendees agreed to have feedback comments by the 5/17 due date, although a few said that 5/24 was better. It was also agreed to meet again on 6/19 at 10 AM and teleconference with the NH stakeholders meeting, which would be rescheduled to 1:00 pm to coincide with the time zone difference.

Respectfully submitted by Lee Wilmot on 5/7/96.

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