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Dow Chemical Company, Midland Michigan

Letter from Jan Whitfield to Jon Kessler

The DowChemical Company
Midland, Michigan 48667

April 17, 1996

Jon Kessler
Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation
U.S. Environmental protection Agency; West Tower 1013
401 M Street, S.W.
Mail Code 2111
Washington, DC 20460


Please find enclosed a letter of support from Karl S. Tomion, City Manager, City of Midland, for The Dow Chemical Company's Project XL proposal. It was not clear whether Mr. Tomion had forwarded a separate letter of support to the Environmental Protection Agency, so I am sending this copy to you to be placed in our project file for your consideration.

Jan Whitfield, P.E.
Senior Environmental Specialist
The Dow Chemical Company
Michigan Division
1261 Building
Midland, MI 48667


cc: Marylou Martin, EPA Region V
Eileen McGovern, EPA Headquarters


CITY OF MIDLAND, 333 W. ELLSWORTH, BOX 1647, 48641-1647
The City of Modern Explorers

March 13, 1996

Jan Whitfield, Sr. Environmental Spec.
Enviromental Services
1261 Building
Michigan Division
Dow Chemical Company
Midland, MI 48667


Dear Jan:

I would like to thank you for providing me the opportunity to comment on the Dow Chemical Company's project XL proposal which was submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency January 16, 1996. The proposal is in response to solicitations by EPA for proposals under, 60 Fed. Reg. 27282 (May 23, 1995).

I wish to extend my support of the Midland project "Multi Media Concept" which contains reductions in waste and emissions at the Midland Facility. I strongly support the development of alternative compliance agreements to enhance environmental performance and expand regulatory flexibility.

I am well aware of Dow's institution environmental goals, and Dow's desire to implement more environmentally productive and cost-effective compliance programs. It is opportune that the purpose of the XL project is to partner with governmental agencies, special interest groups and locally engaged public to develop an alternative regulatory strategy which will result in enhanced environmental performance that is more cost effective for Dow. It is my belief that the XL program can exceed existing environmental minimums at less cost if Dow Chemical is given the flexibility to design and implement compliance programs on its own.

It is understood by the Midland community that Dow is committed to continuous improvement in the environmental field. Dow's past successes in waste mangement, source reduction, recycling, and final disposal of waste in secure facilities, is testimony to this commitment. I therefore fully endorse and applaud the efforts of the Dow Chemical Company and encourage Dow's involvement in the XL program.


Karl S. Tomion
City Manager

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