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Letter to David Doyle (EPA) from Paul Eckerson (Molex)

April 13, 1998

To: David Doyle

Enclosed find the three most recent settlements from the refining of the filter cake that was generated by our waste treatment systems at our old facility. This material qualified under the 270 Exclusion rule because of the significant amount of gold.

Each "Precious Metal Settlement" lists all the necessary information. There was a $.50/pound refining fee for the net weight of material processed. We were credited for the copper minus a 2.5% fee. This amount was subtracted from the treatment charge. The balance was paid by determining the amount of gold required to cover the refining cost. The gold left was consigned for return. The consignment gold was transferred to Lucent Technology (then AT&T) via Johnson and Mathey. Lucent Technology then manufactured gold salts which we received back into our inventory for reuse.

We have complete records for all sludge. All material was shipped by a licensed hazardous waste hauler and properly manifested. If any additional information is required to clarify this issue, please feel free to contact me at 402-475-1000 ex. 8233.

Paul Eckerson
Molex Inc.
700 Kingbird Road
Lincoln, Ne. 68521


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