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Stakeholder's Meeting Minutes

Project XL Stakeholders Meeting
Salem, NH
Minutes of 3/18/96 Meeting
The first meeting of HADCO's Project XL stakeholders was held on March 18, 1996 starting at 2:00 pm at HADCO's offices located at 12A Manor Parkway, Salem, NH. Meeting attendees included

Ron Blanchette HADCO - Derry
Pearly Deneault PDL Industrial Products
Richard deSeve NH Chapter of Sierra Club
Joe Dufresne Teradyne
Marc Duquette HAD - Tech Center 1, Salem
Elaine Eakes NH Chapter of Sierra Club
Will Gotschall World Resources Company
Joan Jouzaitis EPA New England
David Marshall Orr & Reno/HADC
Ken Marschner NH DES
Steve Raper HADCO - Hudson
Russ Tremblay M/A COM & IPC
Lee Wilmot HADCO - Salem

Attendees introduced themselves, and Lee Wilmot stated that other stakeholders who indicated they would attend were Ralph Goodno from Merrimack River Watershed Council, and Health Officers James Doolin and Bill Oleksak from Derry and Hudson respectively. Others invited but who could not attend included Tom Kiernan with Audubon Society of NH, Barbara Bernstein of Wastecap of NH, and Suzanne Doucette - Salem Health Officer. Also, Hillary Nelson and Ruth Holmes of Canterbury, NH had faxed in a letter as they could not attend.

Lee Wilmot introduced Amy Lietz, President and CEO of HADCO Corporation, who spoke about HADCO's commitment to both being a good corporate citizen and HADCO's support of Project XL. Lee then reviewed the meeting agenda, and the eight Project XL criteria. (See attached)

An overview of the printed wiring board (PWB) process was given, including which process steps generated wastewater that generated the metal bearing sludge after on-site treatment. The major points of HADCO's project XL proposal was reviewed, including annual shipment volumes from HADCO's three NH sites and annual analyses of pertinent metals from the sludge from these sites. Both total metals and leachable metals analyses were reviewed. (See attached)

Finally, a seven page draft of a final project agreement (FPA) was distributed. Although this draft was intended to spur discussion on the delisting process, stakeholders requested that the next revision be in the format suggested by EPA's guidelines. EPA Washington has suggested completion of the FPA by May 3rd. Most attendees felt this time target was not realistic, but 6/3/96 was.

Questions/comments regarding the project XL proposal were as follows:

1. What happens to metals from the copper smelters?

2. Will other states and EPA regional offices get to review the NH drafts? (Answer = yes)

3. FPA needs to include the term of the project, project evaluation criteria, administrative & legal mechanisms, termination conditions, and applicable regulations.

4. Suggestion to add the definition of F006 waste to draft paragraph B.11.

5. Can copper smelters like Noranda be stakeholders?

6. Is the Province of Quebec interested in being a stakeholder?

7. The NH Chapter of the Sierra Club will advise after March 31st whether it intends to be a stakeholder.

8. How many PWB manufacturers landfill their F006 sludge now?

It was agreed that attendees would submit comments on the draft FPA by Friday, 4/5/96. Further, it was agreed to meet again on Wednesday afternoon, 4/17/96 at 2:00 pm. The meeting will be at HADCO's offices located at 12B Manor Parkway (next door). See attached directions. HADCO agreed to revise the draft FPA for distribution at the next stakeholders meeting on 4/17 and at a
New York stakeholders meeting to be held before 4/17.

Respectfully submitted by Lee Wilmot.


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