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Atlantic States Legal Foundation to HADCO


06 March 1996

Perry Walter
Environmental Specialist
HADCO Corporation
1200 Taylor Road
Owego, New York 13827

Dear Mr. Walter:

I received your package of materials the other day and I now am writing to you for clarification of the ground rules for any possible involved by Atlantic States in this project. I am still concerned with what is happening and now it is to happen. As I said to you on the phone I don't understand if my role is to be an "unpaid consultant" to HADCO or what. As well as financial concerns, there are also matters of potential liability. Also, there has been no mention of the extent of our involvement so that I can determine how much time I would have to expend.

At the very least I would like to have more information about how you are developing a plan for stakeholder support. On page 6 of your submittal there is a rather closed view of this matter. This approach seems a far cry from what EPA seems to envision in the various materials I have seen from David Gardiner. I am still willing to be part of an effort that genuinely seeks input from the community and accordingly devotes the resources to accomplish that end. If this is indeed what HADCO has in mind, I will likely participate; if not, I will likely decline any further involvement.

Please supply us with further information about this project. I can be reached either by phone or letter a per the information below.


Samuel H. Sage, President

658 West Onondaga Street, Syracuse, New York 13204-3757 315-475-1170 FAX 315-475-6719

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