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HADCO to Applachain Mountain Club, Baldwin de Seve, and Clean Water Action

26 February 1996
Merrimack River Watershed Council
POB 1377
Lawrence, MA 01842

Attention of Mr. Ralph Goodno

RE: HADCO's Project XL Proposal

Dear Mark:

Per our discussion on this subject at the New Hampshire Comparitive Risk meeting, I am attaching a copy of the following EPA document published since my 29 October 1995 letter to you:

EPA's Principles for Developing Project XL Final Project Agreements dated Dec 1, 1995.

We are pleased that your are a stakeholder to our project, as is Wastecap of New Hampshire, and are interested in your input to our Final Project Agreement (FPA). Given your interest in improving environmental results, I believe your involvement as a stakeholder to our Project XL FPA will be important to the success of our effort.

We are planning a stakeholder meeting on the afternoon of March 18th, probably here in Salem. I hope that you will be able to attend. Please call me at 896-2424 if you need any additional information on project XL.


Lee R. Wilmot
Manager, Corporate SAFETY
Health & Environmental Affairs

Idential letter addressed to:
Clean Water Action Sierra Club of NH
10 Vaughn Mall #8 POB 1947
Portsmouth, NH 03801 Merrimack, NH 03054
Attn: Mr. Doug Bogen Attn: Ms. Elaine Eakes

Baldwin & deSeve NH Citizen Action
101 North Main St. 10 Ferry Street
Concord, NH 03301 Concord, NH, 03301
Attn: Mr. Richard deSeve, Esq Attn:Ms. Pilar Olivo

Audubon Society of NH Conservation Law Foundation
3 Silk Farm Road 62 Summer Street
Concord, NH 03301-8200 Boston, MA 02110-1008
Attn: Mr. Tom Kiernan Attn: Ms. Jeannme Sole, Esq.


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