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Fact Sheet for Pulp and Paper MACT Interim Notice


- As a result of information received since the December 17, 1993, proposed Pulp and Paper Cluster Rule, as well as consultations with the affected industry, the Agency has identified a number of changes to the proposed NESHAP part of the Cluster Rule that it is considering making for the promulgated rule.
- The purpose of the notice is 3-fold:

- 1. To announce data that has become available for public review that is in addition to data noticed in the February 22, 1995 Federal Register.

- 2. To discuss changes to the 1993 proposed NESHAP that are under consideration and solicit comments on these changes.

- 3. To propose and solicit comment on how the Agency is considering handling the portion of the pulp and paper source category (mechanical mills, secondary fiber mills, nonwood mills, and paper machine additives) for which a Presumptive MACT was performed and issued last October, available on the TTN Bulletin Board.

- Significant changes to the proposed NESHAP under consideration are:
- subcategorizing among kraft, sulfite, soda, and semi-chemical mills for the purpose of setting MACT standards in the pulping area;
- extending the compliance time for controlling brownstock washers and oxygen delignification units at kraft mills;
- changing how a mill determines what is applicable to MACT by specifically naming what needs to be controlled rather than relying upon the cutoffs in the proposed standard; and
- allowing mills to use the pollution control project exclusion to do only minor New Source Review for mills complying with the Cluster Rule.
- Publication of the notice in the Federal Register is anticipated on or about March 8.
- The Agency plans to issue a similar notice on the effluent guidelines portion of the Cluster Rule in early April.
- The Agency plans to promulgate the Cluster Rule and the Presumptive MACT rule in August; Chemical recovery-area combustion-source MACT will be proposed at that time.

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