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Public Meeting Summary

HADCO Public Meeting Summary 2/12/97

2/12 - Informal Public Meeting held at HADCO facility in Owego, New York


Lee Wilmot, HADCO Corporate Environmental & Safety Manager

Perry Walter, HADCO (Owego) Environmental Manager

Chip Hill, HADCO

Ed Holcomb, HADCO

Joyce Lee, Lockeed Martin (PWB Mfg.)

Bob Dube, American Board (PWB Mfg.)

Dean Cattieu, Waste Technology Services (waste mgmt & consulting firm)

Bob Carangelo, Environmental Enclosures Corp. (Mfg custom containers)

Will Gotschall, World Resources Corp

Dave Ketchum, private citizen - Owego, N.Y.

Samuel Sage, Atlantic States Legal Council

Jakob Goldman, Atlantic States Legal Council

Neil Patterson, Atlantic States Legal Council

Mick Trivisanno, Deputy Water and Sewer Superintendent, Town of Owego

Kate Donnelly, EPA (2ORC-AWTS)

Jim Sullivan, EPA (2DECA-RCB)


Welcome and Introductions - Lee Wilmot

Brief Description of Printed Wire Board Manufacturing - Lee Wilmot

Plant Tour & Process Questions - Perry Walter

Background on Project XL - Kate Donnelly

HADCO's XL Proposal - Lee Wilmot

Final Project Agreement Review - Jim Sullivan

Question & Answer Session - EPA & HADCO representatives

Synopsis of Questions:

Carangello - Could you provide mission statement of the project?

Carangello - Why is this considered hazardous, if its not?

Holcomb - Why is the material going to a Canadian smelter, instead of a US smelter?

Lee - If the sludge is 60% solids, what is the copper concentration?

Dube - If the sludge come up TC for lead would EPA still proceed?

Dube - What about the transferability of this system?

Ketchum - Have the chemicals that enter the process been identified and screened to improve sludge quality?

This synopsis is not complete in that some of the answers generated impromptu questions and further discussion.

Also, Kate is getting some additional input from Atlantic States this afternoon.

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