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Lucent Technologies

Letter EPA to Lucent

From: Al Morris

to: Debbie Hennelly



Here's a suggested paragraph which I think captures our discussion last week and serves the needs to preserve the opportunity to discuss on-going info sharing needs as we complete the FPA. Let me know if it's OK and we can proceed. I'm still working the Region 4 arrangements we discussed.

Proposed wording:


Information that is shared or disclosed among the Partners shall be subject to the provisions of the Interim Participation Agreements and the Nondisclosure Agreement that were signed by the Partners in early 1996 (attached as Exhibits Two through Six). The Interim Participation Agreements terminate by their own terms upon the effective date of the FPA, or upon the decision of the signatories not to sign an FPA. The Partners may mutually agree to include other these information-sharing provisions in the FPA, as appropriate, in order to accommodate any on-going participation in Microelectronics' EMS development. or any other information sharing or disclosure contemplated at the time the FPA is proposed.

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