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Weyerhaeuser Company

Schedule of Events, XL Signing

Schedule of Events

2 MM Safe Work Hours/XL Signing Celebration

Weyerhaeuser's Flint River Operations

January 17, 1997, 10:30 a.m.

10:30 EPA, EPD, P2AD Officials & Community Guests Arrive Russell Stevenson, Gary Risner, Frank Wohrley, Janet McElmurray
Proceed to Auditorium:
- Welcome (Kent, Carl)
- Review Schedule of Events - Russell
- Agency/individual recognitions - Russell
11:30 2 MM Safe Work Hours Celebration Kent Walker, Tracy Bramlett, Carl Geist, George Henson
Kent Walker
Tracy Bramlett
Present 2 MM Hours Site Flag
(5) Carl Comments
(5) George Henson Comments
12:00 Project XL Signing Ceremony Kent Walker, Stan Melburg, David Word, Bob Kerr, Preston Williams
(5) Kent - Transition, Key XL Points
(5) Stan Melburg, EPA
(5) David Word, EPD
(5) Bob Kerr, P2AD
(5) Preston Williams for Stakeholders
12:25 Signing: Kent, Bob, David, Stan Kent Walker, Stan Melburg, David Word, Bob Kerr
Kent: Present plant photos
12:35 Closing Remarks Carl Geist
12:45 Lunch (Directions & Prayer) Kent Walker
**** Signatories, Carl, Kent stay for photo/press queries following ceremony. ***********
1:30 Site Driving Tour for Guests Russell Stevenson, Gary Risner, Frank Wohrley
2:30 Depart Site

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