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Tools for EPA XL Teams


The tools are arranged in the order of the steps in the project development process. 

Introduction (PDF 1 page; 6K)

Section I: Model Letter to Reinvention Action Council (PDF 3 pages; 12K)
Section II: Model Project Schedule (PDF 6 pages; 14K)
Section III: The Kickoff Meeting
Model Meeting Format (PDF 3 page; 12K)
Sample Kickoff Package (PDF 4 pages; 14K)
Section IV: Sample Responsibilities Chart (PDF 11 pages; 31K)
Section V: Assistance with Stakeholder Involvement 
Contractor Assistance for Starting up Stakeholder Meetings (PDF 4 pages; 11K)
Technical Assistance Materials from the Institute of Conservation Leadership: (1) Technical Assistance for XL Stakeholder Groups - Flyer; (2) Technical Assistance Application (PDF 8 pages; 28K) 
Section VI: Selection & Non-Selection Letters 
Model Selection Letter (PDF 2 pages; 9K)
Sample Selection Letter (PDF 3 pages; 9K)
Model Non-Selection Letter (PDF 1 page; 6K)
Sample Non-Selection Letter (PDF 1 page; 6K)
Section VII: Guide to Writing Final Project Agreements (WordPerfect 23 pages; 114K)
Draft Project Tracking, Reporting and Evaluation: A Guide for XL Project Teams (PDF 8 pages; 21K)
EPA's XL Evaluation Activities (PDF 2 pages; 11K)
April 23, 1997 Federal Register Notice (PDF 12 pages; 80K)
May 23, 1995 Federal Register Notice (PDF 10 pages; 92K)
November 1, 1995 Federal Register Notice (PDF 4 pages; 33K)
December 18, 1997 Legal Principles for FPA Drafting (PDF 5 pages; 1.2M)
Section VIII: Decision Making Protocol (PDF 3 pages; 10K)
Section IX: Guide to Writing XL Federal Register Notices (PDF 3 pages; 17K)
Attachment 1: Process for FRN Package
Attachment 2: EPA form 2340-15, Federal Register Typesetting Request. Contact Darlene Byrd (202) 260-8613 if you do not have this form.
Section X: Communications Plan 
Model (PDF 3 pages; 7K)
Sample (PDF 3 pages; 15K)
Section XI: Project Fact Sheets 
Model (PDF 2 pages; 10K)
Sample (PDF 2 pages; 953K)
Section XII: Sample Withdrawal Letter (PDF 2 pages; 69K)
Section XIII: Guidance for Writing Rules in Plain Language (December 31, 1998) (PDF 7 pages; 21K)
Sample FRN (PDF 2 pages; 71K)

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