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CK Witco and Elf Atochem are the only companies in the United States that currently manufacture coatings for marine vessels that contain tri butyl tin (TBT) which is effective in preventing barnacles from growing on ship hulls but has also been shown to be very toxic to marine organisms. In 1989, EPA issued a data call-in(DCI) to CK Witco and Elf Atochem. The 1989 DCI requires the Companies to monitor, for ten years, TBT concentrations in the water column, sediments and the tissues of marine organisms at certain specified areas in the Great Lakes and the inter-coastal waterways of the United States. The Companies seek to end required TBT monitoring and to use the savings to decrease emissions at Witco's Taft LA plant and for Elf Atochem to fund research to develop an environmentally friendlier alternative in conjunction with the US Naval Research Laboratories..

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