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City of Kokomo, Indiana

Letter from Jerel Myers to Julie Frieder

4000 Bank One Tower . 111 Monument Circle . P.O. Box 44363 . Indianapolis, Indiana 46244-0363
Telephone 317/630-4000 . Fax 317/236/9802
8900 Keystone Crossing . Suite 1046 . Indianapolis, Indiana 46240-2134 . Telephone 317/630-4000 . Fax 317/844-4780

Please reply to Bank One Tower address

November 20, 1996

Julie Frieder, Environmental Specialist
United States Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460

Re: Project XL

Dear Ms. Frieder:

Following our conversation on November 15, 1996, I spoke with Mr. Tom High, Superintendent for the Kokomo Wastewater Treatment Plant. Also, following that conversation, Frank Deveau and I discussed the conversation that you and I had. I reported to Mr. Deveau that I had informed you that we would not be pursuing the City's Project XL proposal.

After giving the matter additional consideration, Mr. Deveau has requested that I inform you that the City is still interested in pursuing approval of its Project XL proposal, but only if it can avoid TSD status for its wastewater treatment plant. I apologize for misinforming you of the City's intentions and hope that we can continue to work together.

Very truly yours,

Verl L. Myers


cc: Kenneth Ferries, Esq.
Frank J. Deveau, Esq.

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