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DOD: Naval Station Mayport

Project XL/ENVVEST Stakeholder Meeting

Atlantic Beach City Hall
Council Chambers

November 18, 1999

Meeting Participants

CDR Fred Berley
Cheryl Mitchell
Lisa Reiter
Michelle Glenn
Dave Holroyd
Chris McArthur
Jim Manning
Dave Kaufman
Jeremy Tyler
Richard Bryant
Paul Dammann
Chuck Mether
Patricia Lauderdale
Peggy Lockwood
Ken Lockwood
Brian O'Malley

NS Mayport
NS Mayport
EPA Headquarters
EPA Region 4
EPA Region 4
EPA Region 4
City of Jacksonville
Jacksonville Port Authority
Florida DEP NE District
National Park Service (NPS)
Resident/former RAB Member
Resident /former RAB Member/Employee
Resident /Employee
St John's R.C. Church


Meeting Minutes CDR Fred Berley - Welcome and opening remarks

Cheryl Mitchell - Welcome and introduction of XL/ENVVEST participants/stakeholders and guests.

Lisa Reiter explained the purpose and process of EPA's Project XL and ENVVEST, the equivalent Department of Defense (DOD) program. (Copy of overheads enclosed)

Cheryl Mitchell described Mayport's XL/ENVVEST Project to develop a process to recycle dredge spoil material, approximately 20-25 million cubic yards, from two existing spoil disposal sites. We plan to manufacture on-site building blocks or other items incorporating the dredge material. The benefits include:

(Copy of overheads enclosed)

A group discussion ensued regarding what factors are included in savings, what are anticipated costs for project vice anticipated savings, and who reaps these benefits.

A group discussion centered around testing issues.

A discussion focused on innovative uses of the dredged material

A general group discussion included the following comments.

Cheryl Mitchell advised that this presentation may be presented to the City of Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board in December 1999 at City Hall.

Project XL Presentation (PDF 11 pages; 335K)

Naval Station Mayport Presentation (PDF 8 pages; 721K)


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