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Molex Incorporated

Memo from David Doyle (EPA) to Paul Eckerson (Molex)

October 27, 1995From: David Doyle EPA Region VII

To: Paul Eckerson Molex, Inc.

Thanks you for your quick response to my initial series of questions concerning your Project XL proposal.

Your response has generated several additional questions. My questions are as follows:

1) I don't believe that you answered Question #8 in my October 18 fax. This question was as follows: The proposal states that Molex would like to reclassify the F006 hazardous waste sludges from the segregated waste streams as "recyclable materials". Presently this waste is regulated pursuant to 40 CFR Part 266.70. Explain which, if any, regulatory provisions under RCRA is Molex proposing apply to this material.

2) In both your original proposal and in your October 19 fax you use the term "disposal" to describe either the past, present or anticipated future method for handling waste sludges. The term "disposal" is typically defined as the discharge, deposit, dumping, spilling, or placing of any solid or hazardous waste into or on any land or water. When you use the term "disposal" are you using it in this context or some other?

3) Explain what Moles proposes to do with the F006 sludge after the wastestreams at the facility are separated? Is this material going to be disposed or will it be reclaimed? If reclaimed, what type of reclamation will take place? 4) How often would this F006 be shipped offsite if it will be reclaimed? 5) In your answer to Question #10 you state that "The sludge that is generated will have significant value...". Please explain further what you mean by "significant value".

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