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Letter to Stakeholder

5 June 1996
Dear HADCO Project XL Stakeholder,

Please excuse this tardy transmittal of the enclosed documents:

1. Minutes of the 4/26/96 CA stakeholders meeting.

2. Minutes of the 4/17/96 NH stakeholders meeting.

3. Minutes of the 4/16/96 NY stakeholders meeting.

4. A corrected copy of HADCO's sludge shipments dated 4/24/96.

5. NH DES comments on FPA discussion draft 2 dated 5/16/96.

6. Audubon Society of NH comments on discussion draft 2 (HADCO
draft 4) dated 5/17/96.

7. EPA rewrite of HADCO FPA (draft 4) transmitted 5/17/96.

8. WRC comments on FPA discussion draft 2 dated 5/17/96.

9. HADCO FPA proposal discussion draft 3 dated 5/31/96.

NOTE: Next Meeting is 1:00 pm EDT Wed June 19th
or 10:00 am Pacific time

***Due to time zone difference and teleconferencing between four HADCO sites, the 2:00 pm NH meeting had to be changed to 1:00 pm.

Because our teleconference rooms have limited seating (approximately 12 per room), I suggest that those commuting from Derry, NH north meet at the HADCO Derry facility, and from Salem south at the Salem facility (NOTE: meeting at 12A Manor Parkway). Please call Ron Blanchette (896-3261) to confirm your attendance at the Derry site, and Lee Wilmot (896-2424) to confirm your attendance at the Salem site to insure that we don't overload one site or the other.

NY, NYS DEC and EPA Reg II attendees can meet at Owego.

CA, CA DTSC and EPA Reg IX attendees can meet at Watsonville.

Please call me if you have any questions before the meeting.

/s/ Lee


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