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Akzo Nobel Chemicals

Akzo Chemical: Letter from Lisa Hunter to Pamela Cook

Via Facsimile (716) 778-7930

Ms. Pamela J. Cook
Senior Environmental Engineer
Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc.
2153 Lockport-Olcott Road
Burt, New York 14028

Dear Ms. Cook:

As you know, your Project XL proposal submitted on April 19, 1996, is currently undergoing review by technical experts in our various program offices at EPA. One reviewer in our Office of Water believed that the following additional information would be necessary in order to clarify some statements made in the proposal and to complete his review. He believed that the information should be readily available. Please give me a call by Monday, June 3, to let me know if this is the case, or to discuss a timeframe within which you believe you could respond.

  1. Data on flows and concentrations of dimethyl phthalate discharged to the Newfane POTW.
  2. Data on the extent to which the Newfane POTW treats dimethyl phthalate (e.g., influent and effluent data such as that required by 40 CFR 403.7(b)(2) to support a removal credit application).
  3. Data on concentrations of dimethyl phthalate in the Newfane POTW's sewage sludge.
  4. Other data relative to the environmental effects of granting the relief: existence of overflows from the POTW, volatilization of dimethyl phthalate from the system, etc.
  5. Data on why AKZO's discharge is necessary for the efficient operation of the Newfane POTW, including POTW flow, BOD, charges, etc. and the proportion of each contributed by AKZO.
  6. Information necessary to evaluate AKZO's proposal to develop an alternative for dimethyl phthalate, including the time line and likelihood of success of the project, evidence on the relative toxicity of the substitute chemical, and a proposal for how EPA can evaluate this plan (while keeping it confidential).

Thank you for your assistance in our review efforts. I can be reached at 202-260-4744 to discuss these issues.


Lisa M. Hunter
Project XL

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