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DOD: Elmendorf Air Force Base

Letter from J. Daniels, Alaska Community Action on Toxics to W. Hanson, Elmendorf AFB

Alaska Community Action on Toxics
135 Christensen Drive, Suite 100
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
(907) 222-7714 fax: (907) 222-7715
e-mail: acat@akcf.org

May 14, 1998

William R. Hanson, P.E.
Environmental Flight Chief, USAF
22040 Maple Street
Elmendorf AFB AK 99506-3240

Dear Mr. Hanson:

On behalf of Alaska Community Action on Toxics, I hereby submit the following official comments.

While we do agree that programs designed to promote a cleaner environment are essential to the continued health and well-being of the community, we disagree that relaxing the permit process will serve that end.

The Air Force argues that it should be treated the same as a city, since it does contain so many diverse forms of pollution, like a city. However, since the Air Force has the ultimate control over all those activities that must be permitted, the responsibility should be no different for them as for any other entity. Elmendorf should not be treated as multiple stationary sources.

Why with the substantial resources the military has available, is there a need to "given them a break" when private enterprises are given no such consideration?

We applaud the innovative plans for alternative transportation energy, but natural gas is not a renewable resource. it is throwing good money after bad to continue to pursue non-renewable resources. And, why does the military ignore renewable energy sources for the CH & PP?

Thank you for the opportunity to state our position.

Janet Daniels
Education and Outreach Coordinator

cc: Charles E Findley, USEPA
John Stone, ADEC

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