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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
HADCO's Project XL
Owego, NY Stakeholders Meeting
April 16, 1996

This meeting started at 1:00PM. Attendees were as follows:

Kate Donnelly EPA, Region II
Joyce Lee Loral Federal Systems
Mark Moroukian NYS DEC
Chris Pelto HADCO - Owego
Perry Walter HADCO - Owego
Lee Wilmot HADCO - Salem

In addition, Samual Sage with the Atlantic States Legal Foundation was unable to attend, but did not want copies of meeting handouts.

Lee Wilmot reviewed HADCO's project proposal and objectives. Kate Donnelly reviewed the project XL concept. EPA is projecting project duration to be capped at about five years.

A question as to how long EPA would take in its review of a final project agreement (FPA). Kate advised that EPA is prepared to move quickly on FPAs, and estimated it would be 60-90 days.

Samling and analysis of sludge were discussed. The environmental benefits of this project was also discussed. The industry wide practices of sludge disposal are not known. It was agreed that knowing the amount of sludge landfilled would be beneficial to this project. Joyce commented that Loral's copper content in dusts is as high as 60%.

Mark will check into the NYS DEC delisting rules for listed wastes.

It was agreed that feedback on "draft 4" of the FPA would be by Friday, May 3, 1996. Future meetings will be determined by need. Also, meeting alternatives such as teleconferencing or video conferencing are available.

Respectfully submitted by Lee Wilmot 4/26/96.

Annual Volume of F006 Sludge Shipped

Year 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
Derry 360 334 336 347 208 242
Hudson 174 128 112 105 84 87
Owego 187 207 258 277 311 218
Salem 122 67 48 33 55 40
Subtotals 843 736 754 762 658 587
Watsonvl 180 81 58 81 78 71
Totals 1023 817 812 843 736 658

Revised 4/24/96

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