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Atlantic Steel

Atlantic Steel: Proposed TCM Process Schedule

Proposed Timeline for the Atlanic Steel SIP TCM
Appendix H

June 1999 ARC Board approves project into ITIP, sends TCM documentation to GA-EPD.

July/August 1999 GA-EPD reviews and prepares SIP submittal and opens a 30-day public comment period on the SIP revision. The comment period will open in July and close in August.

August 1999 GA-EPD addresses comments received during the open comment period.

Early September GA-EPD forwards SIP revision to EPA for approval.

Mid September 1999 EPA makes a completeness finding.

October 1999 EPA publishes direct final rulemaking notice in the Federal Register.

December 1999 If no significant adverse comments are received within 30 days of direct final rulemaking, the SIP becomes effective 60 days after direct final rulemaking.

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