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DOD: Elmendorf Air Force Base

Draft Public Outreach Plan

Public Outreach Plan
Elmendorf Air Force Base

Prepared By
3rd Civil Engineer Squadron
Environmental Management Flight
Elmendorf Air Force Base

Public outreach and education are a vital component of a successful environmental program. This Public Outreach Plan outlines the means by which the public and regulatory community (hereafter referred to as "Stakeholders") will be afforded the opportunity to gain active involvement in the ENVVEST imitative at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska (hereinafter referred to as "Elmendorf").


Elmendorf requests that Air Force command structure, base environmental management personnel, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), and the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) become involved in the public participation process. These agencies will be invited to participate in the negotiation and implementation of the project and to engage in active discussions concerning project goals and progress. All other interested parties, including local community councils and environmental groups, are also invited to become involved in the public participation process and will have an active voice in the discussions.

Stakeholders fall into three basic categories, to include (1) primary participants, (2) interested parties, and (3) members of the general public.

The following organizations and individuals will be contacted and asked to participate in the public process:


Elmendorf will notify the public of its intent to develop a Final Project Agreement (FPA) with EPA and ADEC. The public will be invited to request inclusion on a mailing list for continued receipt of information concerning Elmendorf's ENVVEST initiative.

The following methods will be used to contact and inform potential Stakeholders.


Public meetings and workshops will be conducted to inform the general public of project development, and to invite participation and comments. Public meetings may be held during development of the Final Project Agreement, based on public interest, or as decided by the primary participants.

Elmendorf will meet with members of the three surrounding community councils, AMATS, and other concerned groups to explain in-depth what the project entails and the expected benefit to the local community. This will provide another public forum to address concerns that the general public may have concerning Project XL/ENVVEST process. Elmendorf will compile the questions, comments, and suggestions that arise from these and other public comment forums and provide them to EPA and ADEC. The record of the workshop will also be made available to any workshop participant, upon request.

The goal of the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB), created in 1994, is to provide a forum to enhance the communication and coordination among the Air Force, EPA, ADEC, and affected communities in response to actions undertaken by the Environmental Restoration Program at Elmendorf. In addition to providing their own comments, RAB community members re responsible fore gathering and communicating to the board any specific concerns from their communities about proposals or projects under consideration. Elmendorf briefs all important environmental issues to the RAB. The RAB is effectively functioning as a Community Advisory Board (CAB).


The central point of contact for the Elmendorf ENVVEST initiative is Valerie Payne, Air Quality Program Manager, at (907) 552-9677.

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