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Joan Jouzaitis to Lee Wilmot RE: Existing Analytical data on FOO6 Sludge

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Region I
J.F.Kennedy Federal Building, Boston, Massachusetts 02203-2211

March 28, 1996

Lee Wilmot
Corporate Safety, Health & Environmental Manager
HADCO Corporation
12A Manor Parkway
Salem, NH 03079

Re: Project XL
Existing Analytical Data on F006 Sludge

Dear Lee:

Thank you for the analytical information supplied to EPA at your stakeholder meeting of March 18, 1996. We realize that this data is a summary intended to provide general information to stakeholders. However, in order to proceed with EPA's evaluation of your F006 wastestream as generated by each of the NH facilities, we at EPA will need further information about your F006 wastes and associated processes, including:

1) a complete listing of the process materials used in Hadco's manufacturing and treatment processes, including: raw materials, feed chemicals (including catalysts), treatment chemicals, oils and hydraulic fluids, and surface preparation materials (e.g. solvents, acids, cleaners, etc.);

2) Material Safety Data Sheets for all non-elemental and tradename materials, and/or other information that identifies the composition of the material; and

3) Test results of a 40 CFR Part 266 Appendix VIII scan to determine if other hazardous constituents are present in the sludge that may be of concern.

It would be beneficial for us to begin reviewing existing data on your F006 sludge as soon as possible. We agree that the results of future testing of the F006 sludges may be supplied to us following the signing of the FPA for Project XL.

The metals analyses supplied to us on March 18, 1996 provide some indication of constituents found in HADCO's F006 sludge. However, it is not clear from the analyses supplied the number of data points which were averaged to obtain these results, and the accuracy of precision involved. As we proceed to review your analytical data on F006 sludge, EPA will need quality control/quality assurance information from the testing laboratories. Please provide us this information as soon as possible, and note that all future testing results submitted to EPA must include this information as well.

The Agency's delisting guidance sets out numerous further requirements that HADCO has not been asked to address at this time. We are asking for the existing data specified above because we believe this is the most important information for us to obtain in order to begin evaluating the composition of your F006 sludge.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please call me at (617) 565-9009.

We on the Regional XL team look forward to continuing to work with you on this Project XL project.


Joan M. Jouzaitis
Office of Assistance & Pollution Prevention

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