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Letter from Jerry Worsham to EPA Region 1

8113 WEST SHERMAN STREET / PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85043-3000 / (602) 233-9166 / FAX (602) 936-9164

February 5, 1996

Environmental Protection Agency Region I
Evelyn Sullivan (RAA)
Freedom of Information Act Officer
John F. Kennedy Federal Building
Boston, MA 02203

RE: EPA's Project Excellence in Leadership or "Project XL"
HADCO Corporation Pilot Project

Dear Ms. Sullivan:

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), World Resources Company (WRC) filed the captioned FOIA request with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region I. On January 30, 1996, I contacted you to inquire about the expected response. In our phone conversation, you requested that I call Mr. George Hawkins of EPA Region I at (617) 565-9125 on January 31, 1996 to discuss a response to the FOIA request on behalf of the EPA. As you requested, I contacted Mr. Hawkins concerning the FOIA response on January 31, 1996.

In my discussion with Mr. Hawkins, he asked the purpose of my request and expressed some displeasure that WRC had filed a FOIA request as the method to obtain the needed information. Mr. Hawkins indicated that certain limited public information could be obtained with a simple request not under FOIA. He also indicated that my FOIA request would require additional procedual/legal review prior to sending the complete information that I requested. Mr. Hawkins wanted to know if I was interested in the limited public information in lieu of a FOIA response. He also suggested that due to my insistence for information under FOIA, he personally had some negative feelings toward WRC in any participation under the Project XL program. WRC's response to Mr. Hawkins, and the reason for this letter, is to confirm that WRC demands the complete information as described under my FOIA request.

By letter dated January 10, 1996, WRC has publicly indicated it's interest as a "stakeholder" in HADCO Corporation's Project XL proposal. (see attachment) I am not certain of the reasons for Mr. Hawkins' reluctance to respond to WRC's FOIA for information concerning the Project XL. Members of the regulated community routinely file FOIA requests to obtain information concerning public programs. The public's need for or use of information requested under FOIA is not a relevant issue. I do not believe that my personal contact with Mr. Hawkins warrented the response that I received. WRC would appreciate a more cooperative response to the FOIA request.


Jerry D. Worsham II
Vice President and General Counsel

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