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World Resources Company to J. Kessler

8113 WEST SHERMAN STREET / PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85043-3000 / (602) 233-9166 / FAX (602) 936-9164

January 10, 1996

Mr. Jon Kessler
Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation
United States Environmental Protection Agency
West Tower 1013
401 M Street, S. W.
Mail Code 2111
Washington D.C. 20460

Dear Sir,

World Resources Company (WRC) is interested in the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) "Project Excellence in Leadership" program commonly referred to as "Project XL." WRC has a twenty year history of commercial recycling and promoting pollution prevention. WRC may have a significant stake in certain matters proposed by HADCO Corporation (HADCO) as it relates to their "Project XL" application.

EPA has indicated that "stakeholder" participation is encouraged as part of "Project XL." WRC would like for EPA to place may name on the "stakeholder" list for "Project XL" in general and on the "stakeholder"list for "Project XL"in general and on the "stakeholder" list for HADCO's recycling proposal. By identifying WRC as a "stakeholder", WRC requests to be put on the mailing list of interested parties and requests to remain informed of all meetings. WRC requests a copy of the "supplemental" narrative" to the application which was sent by EPA to HADCO after acceptance as a pilot project and a copy of any HADCO response. In addition, WRC would like any information on the current negotiations between EPA/HADCO concerning the "final implementation decision" concerning the HADCO pilot project.

I thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. Please contact me at the above phone number if delay is expected in response to this request.


Jerry D. Worsham II
Vice President and General Counsel


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