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Index for Bromine (Pc Code 008701)

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April 21, 1993. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
Anthony Maciorowski. Ecological Effects Branch.
List D, Phase IV Review for Bromine (Case 4015) Aquatic ecotoxicity...
MRID 42567601 registrants requested waivers for avian studies; EEB concurs.
Document (PDF) (118 KB PDF).

April 22, 1993. Memorandum. 7 Page(s).
Brinson Conerly. Environmental Fate & Ground Water Branch.
Bromine Phase IV Data Base Evaluation Barcode: D186426 environmental fate
requirements... can be ommited here because the reactions of bromine are well
Document (PDF) (244 KB PDF).

June 01, 1993. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
Anthony Maciorowski. Ecological Effects Branch.
RED Review for Bromine (Case 4015) (EEB completed the Phase IV review for
bromine... no outstanding ecotoxicity data requirements for bromine...).
Document (PDF) (193 KB PDF).

July 23, 1993. memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Betsy Grim. Environmental Fate & Effects Branch.
Reregistration Eligibility Document for Bromine Case 4015 (Attached is the EFED
position concerning the environmental fate and ecological effects assessment for
Document (PDF) (146 KB PDF).

June 30, 2005. Memorandum. 20 Page(s).
Srinivas Gowda. Risk Assessment & Science Support Branch.
Ecological Hazard and Environmental Risk Assessment of Bromine and Sodium
Bromide for the Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) Document.
DP Barcode: 315376.
Document (PDF) (1453 KB PDF).

March 24, 2008. Review. 6 Pages.
Krislma K. Deb. Product Science Branch.
HaloPure Water Purifier Insert. REG. No. OR FILE SYMBOL: 72083-U.
DP Barcode: D349256. MRID No. 47328102.
Document (PDF) (132 KB PDF).

April 11, 2008. Memorandum. 6 Pages.
Tajah Blackburn. Product Science Branch AD.
Efficacy Review for EPA Reg. No. 72083-U, HaloPure Water Purifier Insert,
DP Barcode: 349257. MRID No. 473281-01.
Document (PDF) (173 KB PDF).

September 01, 2009. Memorandum. 3 Pages.
Earl Goad. Product Science Branch.
Product Chemistry Review for EPA Reg. 72083-4. Product Name: Halopure Water
Purifier Insert. DP Barcode: D368169. MRID # 478172-01.
Document (PDF) (66 KB PDF).

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